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      GoAffirmed Networks’ fully virtualized, cloud-native mobile solutions enable operators to handle more traffic, simplify network operations and rapidly create and launch new revenue-generating services

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      GoAffirmed Networks helps operators ‘Say Yes’ to the future with virtualized, cloud-native mobile network solutions that reduce complexity and cost, scale efficiently, and accelerate time-to-market of new services.

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Home Solutions Mobile Core

Mobile Core

Home Solutions Mobile Core

Mobile Core

by Cindy Turner

Is your network ready for the cloud, NFV, and 5G? Affirmed Networks’ mobile core solution offers mobile network operators the agility and flexibility necessary to keep up with traffic demand, to create, provision, and launch new services in a matter of days, and reduce overall total cost of ownership by as much as 67%.

Affirmed Networks Overview

Mobile Core Diagram

Innovation in the Mobile Core

The New Network Experience

3GPP Compliant
3GPP Compliant SGSN, MME, GGSN, SGW and PGW to support network services for 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, and VoLTE.

Supports 5G New Radio Standard
Support for 5G New Radio (NR), the new global 5G radio standard that provides major performance, cost and efficiency improvements over previous wireless technologies.

Virtualized WiFi Gateway
Virtualized WiFi Gateway providing ePDG and TWAG/TWAP functions support WiFi calling services and EPC to WiFi integration.

Policy, Charging and Subscriber management
Policy, Charging and Subscriber management solution delivered with fully virtualized PCRF, AAA, and HSS.

A Proven Solution
Deployed in dozens of the world’s leading networks such as ATT, Vodafone, and Etisalat.

Open Architecture
Standards-based, open architecture reducing risk and eliminating vendor lock-in.

Affirmed Customers

Etisalat on Affirmed Networks’ Virtualized Evolved Packet Core (vEPC) Solution

“This national deployment of vEPC now provides Etisalat with an innovative and flexible way to deliver services and connectivity to customers across the UAE, regardless of their location.”
Esmaeel Alhammadi, Senior VP of Network Development, Etisalat


AT&T named four suppliers for its Domain 2.0 initiative. Affirmed Networks will be supplying an essential piece of AT&T’s next-generation network puzzle: vEPC.

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Vodafone deploys Affirmed Networks NFV solution to deliver Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Connected Car Services.

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Etisalat successfully on-boarded its first virtualized telecom function using Affirmed Networks’ virtualized Evolved Packet Core (vEPC) solution.

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